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Mark Jacobs responds to 'magic show' accusations

Chris Chester

Earlier today, we posted a link to an article over at Warhammer Alliance that accused Mythic of conducting a "marketing magic show" on their fan-base by refusing to come forward with many of the juiciest, most controversial details about Warhammer Online yet to be released. Judging by the comments on that post, the disagreement about the quality of Mythic's efforts to date is stark indeed.

In a demonstration of class and forthrightness, Mythic co-founder and designer Mark Jacobs stepped forward on the WHA forums today to address the editorial directly, taking apart the argument piece by piece. He outright rejects the notion that the marketing department is calling the shots when it comes to the release of details, saying that the flow of information begins and ends at his desk. He further disputes the notion that the game is unfinished or lacking in the fun department, citing the imminent guild beta as proof of the confidence they have in their product.

Given the volume of information we were allowed to show off in our Massively goes to WAR coverage, we're inclined to side with Mark. For a site whose message of the day for many moons now has been, "The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last," we hope the writers and posters over at WHA regain their patience.

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