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Rohan Online's Trading Center now open

Shawn Schuster

All of the most popular and successful MMOs have an auction house of some sort, but Rohan Online's recent addition of their Trading Center introduces players to some interesting features. Despite the fact that their basic in-game economy is based on the RMT purchase of Rohan Points, there are many options available.

The three main parts of the Trading Center are the Item Mall, the Exchange Market and Special Services. In the Item Mall, you can purchase in-game items from the company itself, but with the Exchange Market, you buy, sell and trade with other players. This is a great way to make your own Rohan Points instead of buying them yourself. In the Special Services section, you can buy changes to your characters from a new name to a new gender. All item purchases are conducted through a safe and secure environment and will be immediately added to your account.

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