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Rumor: Countdown site for next Bungie announcement


With E3 looming (looming, we say!), it's time for the rumors to start flying. Of course, we already have a fair idea of what Microsoft will announce, but what about it's biggest partner in crime, Bungie? Bungie's own Brian Jarrard and Luke Smith hinted in the most recent Bungie podcast that an announcement is forthcoming during Microsoft's Press Briefing on Monday, but the denizens of the internet may have stumbled upon something else as well. That something is

The website features the text "Out of the Ashes.. Soon!" along with the text seen above and a countdown that ends on July 17, the last day of E3. Bungie fans will note that all the Ts on the website have been replaced with 7s. A quick WHOIS of the website information reveals that the website is registered to FOX FM in Burlington, North Carolina (which is on the opposite coast of Bungie's headquarters in Washington). After a bit of searching, FOX FM appears to be a defunct internet radio station. And that's exactly what we're prepared to call it. Unless the folks at Bungie (or their advertising partners) were crafty enough to register with a fake name and create an internet trail of very convincing evidence (we found several MySpace pages and a broken radio stream), we're calling this coincidence.

If there is a Bungie announcement (and there is a very real chance there will be), it will be during Microsoft's Press Briefing on Monday.

[Thanks, jmurzzy911. Via N4G]

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