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Rumor: Lost Planet movie to be announced at E3


We're putting two and two together and getting ... Lost Planet. First we were tipped by a source close to Capcom that the company would have a movie-related announcement at next week's E3, and that it would involve someone "well known to gamers." Next we read that David Hayter, voice of Solid Snake and screenwriter for such films as X2: X-Men United and the upcoming Watchmen, was talking Lost Planet at last week's Anime Expo '08. It all adds up.

As reported by IGN, Hayter said he is "just closing the deal with Warner Bros." to pen a Lost Planet flick while speaking at AX08, although "nothing is confirmed yet." Of course, Capcom's E3 announcement could always be concerning another movie, but the evidence before us is compelling.

[Via Capcom-Unity]

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