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This case is hungry for handhelds

Candace Savino

When creativity and originality meet cuteness, you know you have a great DS case on your hands. Take this hungry-looking fleece and felt DS cover, for instance. If you're going to be carrying around your DS and making sure it's protected, you might as well do it with style.

Made-to-order by Etsy craftster Kfarrell, you can pick whatever fabric and pompom colors your little heart desires (as long as she carries them, of course). The case will set you back $20, but for a handmade craft (and a cool one at that), we think the price is pretty reasonable.

Hit up the gallery below to see two different versions of this case monster -- maybe that will help you come up with some interesting color schemes of your own, if you happen to find this as awesomely adorable as we do.

Nom nom nom.


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