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WWDC '08: Charlie Wood (Spanning Sync)


I have officially managed to finish sorting and editing all of the footage from WWDC. The last video in our series is a chat with Charlie Wood from Spanning Sync. He managed to make it to an early appointment at my hotel on the morning I was leaving, despite having made the most of a large-scale bash the evening before.

If you're not familiar with Spanning Sync, it's an application that provides synchronization between Google Calendar and iCal. The upcoming release, currently in beta, will be adding contact sync as well. Charlie provides a demo in the video, highlighting the contact photo aspect of the feature.

Justin Williams recently posted a guide to using Spanning Sync with his own application, Today. If you're a Today user who's interested in integrating Google Calendar, have a look. And check out my chat with Charlie after the jump.

[Viddler link|Quicktime version]

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