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Castlevania Poor Fashion Judgment


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New direct-feed screens and character artwork of Castlevania Judgment show off the new character designs by Death Note artist Takeshi Obata. What a horrible night to be cursed with these new clothes!

Dracula X's Maria Renard, who typically wears fancy (if short) dresses, is now clad in some hot pink, multibuckled anime witch costume. Dracula has abandoned his customary finery for a lovely evening dress. Alucard now wears ... well, we don't know how to describe his pants situation.

The only character so far to benefit from the redesign is Simon Belmont. While he retains the general look of his embarrassing Castlevania Chronicles redesign, the new design removes the fur lining from his boots and the fur half-jacket thing. When has Simon not had embarrassing character art, though?


[Via press release]

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