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ECS G10IL: Stateside September for $399


ECS has been teasing the netbook market for months now with its G10IL -- meticulously surveying the competition and batting its eyelashes at US consumers. Fortunately, LAPTOP was able to sit down with Henry Kwan of ECS to help bring the flirtatious cycle to a satisfying end. Accordingly, we now know that the G10IL will ship in 8.9- and 10-inch models with the latter most likely shipping to US soils. It'll be available at an entry-level price of $399 in September running Linpus Lite 9.4 Linux off an 8GB SSD. It'll also be configurable with XP on an 80GB disk and EDGE/HSDPA/HSUPA data for much more. No sentimental delusions of educating the world's children here, the G10IL is meant for serious business use only. How refreshingly direct ECS.

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