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LG unveils four new HDTVs with built-in DVRs

Darren Murph

'Tis a shame we don't know more about LG's latest bundle of HDTVs, but here are the facts so far. Apparently the outfit has dished out a pair of LCDs and a duo of plasmas to commemorate the upcoming Beijing Olympics, and the whole gang comes packing a 160GB internal hard drive. This "Time Machine" functionality will (predictably) enable viewers to capture content right inside of their set, though details beyond that (you know, port assortment, contrast ratio, etc.) are few and far between. That being said, we do know how much each of these buggers will set you back: anywhere between ???1,650,000 ($1,607) for the 42-inch 42PG31RD plasma and ???3,000,000 ($2,916) for the 47-inch 47LG50ED LCD HDTV.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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