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LotRO Summer Festival guide page 6: Inn League Initiation

Shawn Schuster

Getting into the exclusive Inn League is no easy feat. You'll need to ride a horse, read a map and navigate The Shire all while becoming increasing drunk in the process. The best advice we can give to you initially is to learn your way around The Shire before you start. Also, if you don't have a horse yet, this will either be amazingly difficult, or not possible at all. The objective of this event is to run from inn to inn, drinking tons of alcohol and not falling over, proclaiming your secret love for Aragorn, or heaven-forbid, Legolas. It is very important to note that once you begin this quest, the following quests in the chain are all timed, and there is no taking a break in between. So make sure you have a good 15-20 minutes before you sit down and dedicate yourself to this ultimate pub crawl.

You start the initiation by speaking with Ailward Chubb, Inn League Member, near the Party Tree. He will tell you to drink six of the cups of alcoholic beverages on the table before him. Once you've done that, he will tell you to run off to The Plough and Stars Inn.

This Plough and Stars is located within the Brockenborings. You'll need to enter and find the Inn League Member inside to drink 6 more cups of cider or mead.

From here, you will be directed to the Golden Perch Inn, all the way in Stock. The drinking will continue with six more pints, and you'll just begin to see the effects of all that alcohol on your screen as it waves back and forth ever-so slightly.

Next, you will be directed towards The Floating Log Inn in nearby Frogmorton. Notice the blurry screen yet? Just wait, it gets much worse. You'll drink six more pints inside and from here be directed to The Green Dragon Inn.

The Green Dragon Inn resides a hop, skip and a stumble away in Bywater, where you'll find Fulk Proudfoot waiting for you inside. It's about this time that you notice clicking on a pint becomes increasingly difficult. Which one do you click on since each one has a twin? Hint: it's the one on the left. After downing six of Fulks pints, you'll be pointed towards The Ivy Bush Inn.

The Ivy Bush Inn, located just inside Hobbiton is your second-to-last stop on the road to pukesville. If you can find the door, you will need to drnik six more pints with the passed-out Moonlight Sandheaver. He will then direct you to your final stop: The Bird and Baby Inn.

The Bird and Baby Inn is located in Michel Delving, just down the hill from the Mathom Society house. Once inside this establishment, you might feel a sense of panic as your blurry-screened double vision can't seem to find an Inn League Member, but don't fret. Ioco Underhill is located in a back room, behind the bar, passed out among a few barrels of mead. After you drink the last six pints, he will reward you with increased standing with the Inn League and a special title: Inn League Member. Once the headache wears off, you can stand proud with your new title. Congratulations!

Now back to business. On to the Dwarven festival: Summerfest>>

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