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Mossberg, Pogue, Baig review the iPhone 3G

Cory Bohon

While most people are waiting in line for their soon-to-be new friend, pal and everyday communications device, the world's top tech reviewers have already been playing with the long awaited device. Below is a summary of their findings along with links to their full reviews of the iPhone 3G.

Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal)

  • Pros: Faster cell network data speeds, GPS
  • Cons: Weaker battery life due to 3G/GPS
  • Bottom Line: If you don't already have an iPhone and can live with the weaker battery life, then you should go ahead and buy; otherwise wait out for the 2.0 firmware update (hmm... I think I've heard this advice somewhere else)
David Pogue (New York Times)
  • Pros: You can talk and access 3G data network simultaneously, cheaper, improved audio quality
  • Cons: 3G isn't wide-spread, AT&T pricing,
  • Bottom Line: "iPhone 3G is a nice upgrade," 2.0 firmware update will make your original iPhone in most ways similar to the iPhone 3G
Edward Baig (USA Today)
  • Pros: Faster data network, cheaper, GPS, Visual Voicemail
  • Cons: Slow EDGE speeds when not in 3G area, no video, no memory expansion
  • Bottom Line: "The Sequel, is worth the wait," he also shows a side-by-side comparison between EDGE and 3G speeds
As an interesting note: David Pogue says that the iPhone's GPS antenna is too small to provide you with turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps -- this is something that Apple has failed to note until now.

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