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New pics, new perks and no traits for Fallout 3

Ross Miller

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We talked about the exhaustive Fallout 3 Q&A yesterday, but there are a few morsels of information we want to point out specifically, chief among them are new images that reveal the Megaton Bar, a "shotgun on robot" and the Pip-Boy skills menu.

For the Fallout purists, chances are you'll be dismayed to hear that traits have been taken out of the game and melded into the perks system, which has been modified to where you're allowed a new perk with every level. "That was a hard decision for us, and one that took, literally, years," said executive producer Todd Howard, who noted that the traits and perks system were so related that many of the design-a-perk contest entrants were actually traits.

According to Howard, if you include ranks, there are about 100 perks available and only 19 chances to pick a perk each game (level cap is 20). No worries, though, because "Bloody Mess" is still available, and that's all we need to hear to be satisfied.

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