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Rush talks Rock Band, humble beginnings

Rock legends, and Canadian Gods, Rush set a really good example for other rock icons -- they fully embrace gaming. While no one in the band is copping to late night sessions of Halo 3, they do discuss the process of getting their music into Rock Band, specifically tracking down a lost cut of "Working Man" to be released exclusively as downloadable content. Unfortunately, there is still no word if the rumor that the 1978 classic track The Trees is included in Rock Band 2 is true or not.

In an interview with Rock Band's Brett Milano, band members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson talk about bringing their music to a new generation via gaming, the beginnings of Rush and name drop a few cities and spots in and around Ontario. Sure, Canada might be responsible for Celine Dion but Rush makes up for that travesty in spades.

[via Rush is a Band - Blog]

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