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Why do you pay for your games each month?

James Egan

How much game do you need to support a monthly fee? That's a question Tobold asked in his blog, noting that there are a number of games charging for monthly subs that would be better off with alternative business models. He cites the example of the in-beta Football Manager Live, which he feels is niche in the first place, and coupled with great complexity and minimal graphics, wouldn't exactly draw crowds of subscribers. Tobold thinks that a higher cost to purchase the game and then offering a free basic version would be a more appealing option for some players. And for those who are hardcore about the game, a subscription that would include more detailed statistics would be a better fit.

He notes titles like Diablo, Hellgate: London and Guild Wars -- games which eschewed the standard subscription model for either box sales or partial subscriptions. This led him wonder what exactly we expect from a game we're willing to subscribe to. Tobold asks: What are you willing to pay a monthly fee for, and where do you balk at the cost? Are there specific features which you think justify a monthly fee? Sound off if you have some ideas about what makes your game of choice worthy of your sub money each month. Or if your preferred MMO isn't a subscription title, what drew you to that game?

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