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X3F and Joystiq's E3 reader meetup: Thursday, July 17th in Santa Monica

Dustin Burg

Our community is oh so important to us, so whenever we get a chance, we love to chat it up with our fellow fanboys face to face, person to person and mono y mono. That's why we're doing it again this year, partnering with our gentle overlords over at Joystiq for the second annual E3 Joystiq reader meetup in Santa Monica next week! At Mahalo's headquarters, no less!

The E3 reader meetup will feature plenty of social fun, free food and drinks, a bunch of video games to play (hooked up to a few very expensive projectors) and hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of swag will be given away. Over 200+ pounds of swag, ranging from video games to faceplates to peripherals to wearable swag. All being given away for FREE at the meetup! Though, we must admit, the most important reason you should attend is to meet the X3F crew. Yup, Richard and Dustin will both be in attendance along with a bunch of the Joystiq bloggers. Good times will be had!

Be a social butterfly, stop by Mahalo HQ next Thursday, mingle a bit, win some swag, get your game on, meet the blogging crew and smile from ear to ear. Everyone can attend and don't forget to RSVP.

When: 6-10:00PM pacific on Thursday, July 17th
Where: Mahalo HQ, 902 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (map it!)
Who: Every man, women and child of every age. Yes, even YOU can attend!
Why: Because it's "good times".
RSVP: Facebook

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