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2K Games bringing Champions Online to PC, 360

Justin McElroy

When 2K released this morning that they had bagged the publishing rights to Champions Online, Cryptic's other superhero-based MMO, we almost wrote it off as another pre-E3 grab for coverage. But then, as we combed the release, we noticed a couple of odd things. First, though they're bringing the game to the PC and 360 in the spring of next year, there's no mention of a PS3 version, which isn't so much weird as it is sad.

Also, and this is the really odd bit, the end of the release says "Champions Online for Xbox 360 is not yet concept approved by Microsoft." We have to say, we don't really get the hold-up. A superhero MMO on the 360? Yes. Rubber-stamped. Done. You see that Microsoft? That ish just got concept approved by Joystiq. That. Just. Happened.

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