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DISH Network's EchoStar XI lifts off on July 15th

Darren Murph

For those of you who dedicate a few waking moments to tracking satellite launches (oh yes, we know you're out there), here's another one for your push-pin chart. DISH Network's EchoStar XI, which we already knew would be leaving this stratosphere in the summer, will be lifting off on July 15th. If everything goes to plan, rockets will fire just prior to 10:21PM PDT, with a two-hour window for launch. Should it make it to space (we haven't forgotten about the AMC-14 just yet), a 72-hour countdown will ensue, during which a series of tests will (hopefully) be completed. The bird has been designed to live in orbit for some 15 years and provide DISH Network subscribers with more (HD) content, though we aren't sure just yet how long it'll be before it's really put to good use. Got those fingers crossed? Good.

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