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E308: The Conduit is ready for a show

Phil Larsen

We sort of thought this would be the case, but confirmation always helps one sleep better at night. Especially when The Conduit is involved. In an interview with IGN, Eric Nosfinger of High Voltage stated outright that The Conduit will definitely be at E3 -- in an exclusive capacity.

E3 is only a few days away, and Nosfinger riles up the public by announcing plans of "private showings and leaving playable demos with a few select folks." Are we select folks? You better believe it. There is no better place for Conduit information than Wii Fanboy -- check out our exclusive High Voltage interview along with the dev team's plans for the future. The above video is a fresh piece of gameplay footage, and it's outright stunning.

Best of all, Nosfinger also mentions that the team has achieved successful 16-man online multiplayer matches. If there's anything the Wii needs, it's a smooth online FPS experience. The Conduit looks set to deliver on all counts, so stay tuned for our E3 coverage!


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