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Madden '10, other EA games to include downloadable songs

Kyle Orland

We're already getting used to downloadable tracks being a necessary addition to rhythm and music games. But are we ready for the feature to infect the soundtracks for other genres? Ready or not, EA Chief Music Executive Steve Schnur told MTV Multiplayer that downloadable background tracks will indeed be available in next year's version of Madden, with similar support added to "broader-based" EA games shortly thereafter.

It might seem a bit silly for EA to offer a proprietary music download service when all current-gen consoles allow users to create their own custom soundtracks from their already-existing digital music collections. You have to realize, though, that EA needs to offer its own downloads so it can market promote push gently suggest the latest hot track from Kid Rock to their captive audience of millions of players.

It's not yet clear if you'll actually have to pay for these downloadable songs, but as this idea is coming from a company that's charging for extra weapons in first-person shooters, we wouldn't exactly be surprised.

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