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Natsume officially introduces Princess Debut


Gamefly recently posted a listing suggesting that Natsume taken on publishing duties for Cave's Princess Debut. The company sent out a press release confirming the rumor, and officially announcing Princess Debut for the fall.

In Princess Debut, a girl magically enters a fantasy world in which not only is she a princess, but she will attend a ball in thirty days, and must therefore learn to dance in order to successfully impersonate a princess and win the affections of one of six princes.

The game involves two parts: an adventure portion in which your character must interact with the princes and convince one to dance with her, and a dancing segment featuring touch-screen-controlled ballroom dances. On her way to one of 14 different endings, the erstwhile princess can unlock 20 new outfits.

While this is clearly not targeted at us, we like to see new interpretations of the "dancing game." This is like Dance Dance Revolution, except with more revolving.


[Via press release]

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