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Nintendo's new hero (?): Captain Rainbow


Color us ... baffled amused. It's hard to be anything but after watching the first trailer (courtesy of for Nintendo's newly revealed Wii title, Captain Rainbow. As you can see in the last two-thirds of the utterly bonkers video, the titular character of the game finds himself on an island populated by Nintendo characters. The gameplay looks to be a mix of action and exploration, with decidedly manga-esque visual stylings.

1UP has more on the game, specifying that it takes place in the isle of Mimin, which is home to Birdo (the purple ... thing in the video, from Super Mario Bros. 2 [US]) and other second-tier Nintendo characters, such as the golfer from NES Golf. Players control a geek named Nick who plays Captain Rainbow – a super hero who finishes off enemies with a yo-yo attack – on television. Gameplay reportedly switches off between the Captain and his meek alter ego over the course of a quest to make the dreams of the islands inhabitants' come true. Will Nintendo make its most rabid fanboys' dreams come true and announce a US release for the game at E3? Color us skeptical.

[Via NeoGAF]

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