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SouthPeak bringing Brave: A Warrior's Tale to Wii, 360

Justin McElroy

We know that some of you probably tuned out as soon as you read the headline, but we need you to dust off your thinking caps and try to stay with us for this one. You know the PS2's diminutive Native American adventure Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer? Well, SouthPeak is bringing the game to the Wii, PSP and 360. "So," we hear you asking "it's a port, what's the big deal?" Just hold on there, prom king, the twist is coming.

The new version Brave: A Warrior's Tale is actually set 70 years after the original, and the content of the first game is served up in the context of flashback, with a few fresh levels thrown in for good measure, making it a ... sequort? Honestly, we can't tell you if we're offended or kind of intrigued.

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