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Survey sez: add more HD content, and they will come

Darren Murph

Hate to splash a handful of obvious right in your face, but Research and Markets' latest status report on the high-def industry is chock of full of "well, duh." Citing three crucial factors that will "support the successful migration to HDTV," it found that the continued penetration of HDTVs, supply of HD programming and availability of OTA HD as immensely important for industry growth. Most notably, the research keys in on Europe, which currently sees just 5% of its HDTV-owning population enjoying high-definition programming. It suggests that local carriers must take on the expense of boosting their HD lineups before customers will start buying in, and we must say we wholeheartedly agree. The folks also think that the looming analog cutover will act as a catalyst for OTA HD transmissions, but we're hoping a major uptick in HD adoption will occur on that side of the pond well before 2010 to 2012.

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