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Two Apple iPhone apps: Remote Control and Texas Hold'em

Scott McNulty

The App Store is kinda live, live enough that we can see the two applications that Apple has to offer. The first app is called 'Remote' [iTunes link] and oddly enough it lets you control iTunes on your Mac from your iPhone. You can stop, start, and pause music, and browse your library... all via your iPhone or iPod touch. Remote requires the use of a Wi-Fi network, and is free.

The other Apple app is Texas Hold'em [iTunes link], which is the first in a very long list of card games that third parties are going to be making for the iPhone. You can play Texas Hold'em (a type of Poker) against the app's built-in opponents or against your friends over Wi-Fi (your friends must be running Texas Hold'em on their iPhones as well). Multiplayer supports up to 9 players so you can finally get rid of all those messy cards you have! Texas Hold'em costs $4.99.

Update: Apple has posted some more info about Remote here.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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