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X3F Week in Review: July 4, 2008 - July 10, 2008


We'll admit it, with all the E3 planning going on, the minds at Xbox 360 Fanboy are a little frazzled. So, we'll make this Week in Review simple. That's the official X3F sticker up there. We'll be taking a truckload of 'em to E3. Very soon, you'll see pictures of Cliff Bleszinski, Peter Molyneux, Dennis Dyack, and all the other relevant 360 designers wearing our stickers and promoting our website ... whether they want to or not. As long as we can slap a sticker on someone and snap a picture before we get arrested, we figure it's fair game.

If we have any stickers left afterward, maybe we'll give 'em away at the Joystiq reader meetup.

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