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XSEED brings Korg DS-10 to North America in the tenth month

Candace Savino

Forget paying an arm, leg, and Fabergé egg to get your grubby little hands on Korg DS-10 this year. Thanks to XSEED, the software is expected to hit North America in October.

Also, if you're interested in making this super-funktastic software produce crazy synthetic beats on your handheld, you should check out James Mielke's blog; the 1UP editor wrote up a total lovefest for Korg DS-10, praising its features (many of which he explains) and what this means for the DS. For instance, did you know that you can link four DS handhelds together while using this program (if you have four carts, that is)? 1UP also reports that the game will most likely not be an Amazon exclusive, like its Japanese counterpart was. Since we're not too fond of retail exclusives, we see that as only a good thing.

Another neat detail? Korg DS-10 will be available to play at E3. We love you, E3 -- oh, and you too, XSEED. While we're probably too inept to make anything noteworthy ourselves, we can't wait to see what the DS and musical communities have in store for us once this beauty is unleashed.


[Via GoNintendo]

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