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Zarhym: Wrath changes are still coming

Mike Schramm

Just in case, like Jaguarpaw, you thought that the little we heard about Mages in Wrath of the Lich King at WWI was all they were going to get, worry not: changes, believe it or not, are still coming. Zarhym says it, but did he really have to? We haven't heard the end of all the changes in Wrath -- not from the alpha, not from the upcoming beta, and odds are that we won't even have found everything in the expansion when it actually releases. That was certainly the case with Burning Crusade, and it will undoubtedly be the case with Wrath.

Unfortunately, that doesn't actually mean that all of your concerns will be answered -- Blizzard has promised, specifically for Mages, to make these same changes before, and the changes haven't been made to players' satisfaction. And players, as I know because I happen to be one myself, are picky people -- even if Blizzard fixes everything, we'll still find something to complain about. But don't write off Wrath just because you were disappointed by what you heard at WWI -- we've only seen the earliest of previews so far.

And just in case you missed it yesterday, Wowhead decided to go ahead and release all of the talents for all of the classes they could see in the alpha, including all of the new talents for Mages. This is far from the last we'll hear about Wrath, but that info, official or otherwise, should tide you over until the next round of releases.

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