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505 Games sinks its teeth into new DS Buffy game

Kyle Orland

Like a vampire that refuses to stay dusted, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise continues to chug on after the TV show's 2003 cancellation. New comics, toys and even a magazine have kept the cult favorite series alive long than the First Evil. The undead march continues with 505 Games' announcement today of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice for the DS.

The "action-packed 3D survival horror game," as the press release describe it, will follow everyone's favorite slayer and the usual gang as they try to re-close the re-opened Hellmouth sometime after the events of the seventh season. Development will be handled by Romanian developer Beast and the story will be penned by Buffy TV scribe Rob Deshotel.

Sacrifice doesn't have much of a gaming pedigree to live up to -- the two THQ-published Game Boy Advance Buffy games scored 39% and 50%, respectively, in the GameRankings averages. With review scores like that, maybe this is a gaming franchise that should learn when to stay dead.

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