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Charter adding 6 HD channels in Madison, Wisconsin

Darren Murph

So we already knew Charter had a mind to add FSN Wisconsin HD sometime this summer to enable locals to see some of those 65 HD Brewers games, and while August 20th is a bit late (we're being really generous here) in the season to flip the switch, we guess late is better than never. Charter has just announced plans to pick up the aforesaid sports station along with Animal Planet HD, The Movie Channel HD, TBS HD, Smithsonian HD and In-Demand HD on August 20th. As residents of Madison will surely recall, Charter vowed to roughly double its HD lineup from just over 20 to around 40 within the next two years, but based on Charter's recent dealings, we aren't so sure it'll come through on that.

[Image courtesy of RightFieldBleachers, thanks Tim]

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