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Cinemassively: Indiaena Jones in Legend of the Second Empire

Moo Money

(If you haven't seen Indiana Jones 4, you should view this with caution. Some of the plot elements of this machinima are directly inspired by the movie, thus qualify as spoilers.)

Torley Linden called attention to this Japanese machinima, Indiaena Jones: Legend of the Second Empire, by 5959 Mopp. 5959 is a serious Second Life machinima enthusiast with 34 videos under their belt in two months time. They take full advantage of the beautiful scenery in the various sims that they film in as they go on their epic SL adventure, which somewhat mirrors part of the plot of the actual film. While the film doesn't really get into the swing of things until about six minutes in, it's definitely worth a watch -- if you can get past the quarky robotic voices drowned out by the music.

[Via Torley Linden]

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