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Inteset unveils ultimate media server: 15TB TeraRAID XV-NAS

Darren Murph

When 8TB just isn't enough to shack up all your media on, look no further than Inteset. This firm has just unveiled one of the craziest NAS servers we've ever seen, with 15 hot-swappable bays armed with 15TB of storage space. The latest beast in the TeraRAID family is obviously AV focused and comes in a 5U enclosure perfectly suited for racks. Additionally, the system comes pre-configured to play nice with the company's Media Library, and of course, the internals are built to handle multiple high-bandwidth video streams. If you're ready to get serious about media storage (and deplete your bank account), you can snatch this one up for $14,495 (or snag a 7TB version for $10,995).

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