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MTV Games finds Konami's Rock Band lawsuit 'surprising'

Kyle Orland

Here at Joystiq, we weren't too surprised when Konami decided to jump on the legal bandwagon by bringing a lawsuit against the makers of Rock Band for patent infringement. After all, the rhythm game has made roughly a gazillion dollars and has component parts that bear at least a passing resemblance to Konami games like Guitar Freaks and DrumMania (not to mention Karaoke Revolution, which Harmonix helped develop, and the upcoming Rock Revolution). That said, we're not the ones being sued, so our relative shock at the suit doesn't really matter. That said ...

"Konami's actions are extremely surprising," an MTV Games spokesperson told MTV News regarding the suit. "Unfortunately, successful products such as Rock Band can often become targets for baseless litigation. We have substantial defenses to this claim and intend to vigorously defend it."

The full interview includes more details about the lawsuit and information on the actual patents that Konami claims are being violated. Any budding legal eagles out there want to check them out and give an informed opinion on the merits of the suit?

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