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Reminder: Win Manaprincess gift pack from WoW Insider

Mike Schramm

What's going on WoW Insider reader night crew? Don't tell the morning crew we told you this, but we know you're good people (some might say even better than the early risers are). You're willing to come and read the site late into the night, and for that, we'd like to make sure you don't miss our Manaprincess contest, going on right now. You could win a Manaprincess gift pack, complete with these Hearthstone charms as well as a set of Health and Mana potion pendants, from Manaprincess and WoW Insider.

To enter, you've got leave a comment on our contest post (not this post, that post), and that's it. Please only comment once, and do it before Friday night at midnight, when we'll randomly pick a winner to give the gift pack to. Once more, to enter you must comment on the contest post (commenting on this post will give you nothing at all but the satisfaction of having left your mark on this page).

You're some of our favorite readers, late night crew, so we wanted to make sure you got a chance to enter, too. Just don't tell the morning crew we did -- oh, hi there, morning crew! Didn't realize you all were coming in so early this morning!

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