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We just noticed: Rhythm Tengoku Gold coming to Japan July 31

Kyle Orland
So between following things like massive survey leaks and price drop rumors and generally preparing for next week's big trade show, we've been a little preoccupied here at Joystiq's massive, 50-story headquarters. So preoccupied, in fact, that we haven't really been keeping up with the recently-announced sequel to one of our favorite crazy Japanese imports, Rhythm Tengoku.

Luckily, our friends over in the DS Fanboy shack have been keeping up with Rhythm Tengoku Gold, which hits Japan in just a few short weeks on July 31. Like the Game Boy Advance original, Gold takes WarioWare style minimalist graphics and simple mini-game-fueled play and adds a much needed sense of rhythm to the proceedings. 1UP has some more details on the new title's 50 toe-tapping tasks, which include "keep[ing] a ping-pong rally going, taking pictures as a cameraman, running a choir by opening and closing your mouth at the right time, dancing with birds, attracting a lizard mate by using your maracas-like tail to shake to the beat," and more. Really, how can you not love a game that includes lizard mating?

The chances for a domestic release for this quirky title are probably somewhere between slim and none, so if you're looking for some more rhythm-infused craziness, hit up your favorite importer. You do that while we go back to our reguarly-scheduled pre-E3 madness.

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