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Age of Conan's game director outlines the future of the game

Michael Zenke

At the end of the week, Age of Conan Game Director Gaute Godager offered up a letter to the players on the official game site. Saying that it had been too long since he last spoke with the playerbase, the Director sought to touch base and clarify Funcom's future plans for the M-rated title. Now live for some seven weeks, the team is hard at work on new and updated content for the game. Some of the content mentioned in the June letter, unfortunately, hasn't seen release yet. The updates to PvP are the most obvious MIA content, which Godager says are not yet in the game because they haven't reached the quality standard they're aiming for. The changes are now on the internal test server, and full details of the PvP changes can be found on the official site.

They're also hard at work on new dungeons and zones. Ymir's pass looks to be the first on the block, a new 55-60 zone. It may see release this summer if they can get the level of quality right in time. After that they're aiming for a level 80 dungeon in the Thunder River area, which should see release alongside another dungeon in the same zone, and of the same level. Godager didn't give details on those additions, but assured they would both contain "new bosses and cool loot". They've put some work into improving siege PvP optimization (to get over the buggy lagfest issues), and overall are striving to improve performance in the game. Beyond that, Godager offers a number of other positive-sounding plans for the near future in the letter: improved customer support, a DX10 version unveiling at Liepzeig in August, and the activation of buddy keys as soon as next week. Hyboria fans owe it to themselves to check out his open letter, and see the face of Age of Conan's tomorrow.

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