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CBS News fleshes out high-def plans

Darren Murph

Nearly two years ago, we pondered how long it would take network news to really commit to HD. Now, one of the laggers is finally catching up and hoping to grab the attention of those who refuse to peer at anything less than 720p. CBS News is reportedly getting set to start fully utilizing a new HD control room that will not only improve the look of productions, but also provide "producers and directors [with] more space and an improved work flow for events such as Election Night." Additionally, we're told that 60 Minutes will make the leap to high-definition in September, while 48 Hours and CBS Sunday Morning follow suit next year. No doubt, CBS has poured millions into overhauling its 57th St. facility in New York City, and while you may not be interested in all the specifics detailed in the read link, here's to hoping the investment pays off on the tele.

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