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First Look: Tap Tap Revenge

Cory Bohon

The last time we covered Tap Tap Revenge, the AppStore hadn't yet been released. Now that we've been able to get a hands-on with the app, let's take a new look at TTR by Tapulous. When you first launch this application, you get a fun interface that is very straightforward.

The game play is very simple; just tap along to the beat of the song playing. The red, green and blue colored dots will guide you. There are four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, and extreme. Some levels in TTR add in "shakes" that make you shake the iPhone to the left, middle or right to complete the beat (you can turn this feature off in the options). While TTR has the ability to download additional songs, there are currently no new songs available to download (hopefully this will change soon, as you get tired of the same four songs).

In addition to scoring locally, TTR can also interface with an online scoreboard complete with a profile picture. You can also participate in the TTR tournaments for a chance to win a $25 iTunes gift certificate.

Tap Tap Revenge is available for free from the AppStore, so download this amazing application and get your tapping on today!

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