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GoW2: Day-One revealed, bots confirmed and more

Dustin Burg

Coming straight from last night's airing of GameTrailer TV's pre-E3 episode of exclusiveness comes a truckload of new Gears of War 2 information. The two biggest announcements are the revel of a new multiplayer map called Day-One and confirmation that Gears 2 multiplayer will in fact support multiplayer bots. Oh yeah.

The Day-One map takes place on the city streets where a ginormous emerge hole has opened up smack dab in the middle of the map where an angry Seeder will pop out. And when he does, watch it, because it causes mini-earthquake. Also, Cliff confirmed with Geoff Keighley that Gears 2 will in fact support AI controlled bots in multiplayer, very similar to bots that are oh so prevalent in the Unreal Tournament series.

Other snippets of information that we've gathered from the 20+ minute episode include mention that the execution move where a player's arms are ripped off and then get pummel with them, well, sadly that move has been cut from the game (probably too violent for the ESRB or something). Though, we do also learn that the Subway map will be making a return, Centaur tanks will be playable including an active reload option, the campaign takes place six months after the original Gears and Cliff heavily hints at a Locust Queen boss battle as well as a sequence where you'll actually be mounting a Brumak. Oh, there are also going to be an exclusive set of red Gears of War 2 Xbox 360s released as promo items. Now sit back and get your watch on ...

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