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Hsu Research unleashes ULS-15 wireless subwoofer

Steven Kim

It'll probably date us, but we remember when Hsu Research subs just made cylindrical subwoofers. Those different-looking reinforced paper tube enclosures were formidable back in the day. Hsu has moved beyond cyinders, but is still turning out the goods for those who crave true sub-woofer tones. The company's latest ULS-15 features a 15-inch driver in a sealed box, and can reach a jaw-dropping (and molar-rattling) 10-Hz in most rooms. The 1,000-Watt amplifier comes in handy for supplying the kind of power necessary for reaching those depths with a sealed enclosure, for sure. The ULS-15 is literally unleashed, as well -- Hsu has added a convenient wireless connection to the unit. Hsu has definitely kept pace with the times, but its pricing is still very attractive -- prices start at $1,299 for a satin black and head northward for more luxurious finishes.

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