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Klipsch adds six models to its Palladium speaker lineup

Steven Kim

As much as you may love the looks (and sound) of Klipsch's flagship Palladium P-39F speakers, the $20,000 price tag on a pair of these beauties puts them safely out of reach for most people. But Klipsch is hoping to give a few more people a taste of the high life with the introduction of six new models in the Palladium line. For your main channels, you can pick between the P-38F and P-37F floorstanding or the P-17B bookshelf speakers. Round out your system with the P-27S surrounds, P-27C center channel and a P-312W subwoofer and you'll find yourself surrounded by good-looking, sculpted "Linia" zebra-grain forms. These new models aren't $20,000 expensive, but they're not cheap either: $12,000 and $8,000 for the P-38F and P-37F, respectively; the P-17B bookshelf will lighten your wallet to the tune of $4,000. For a whole system, factor in $3,500 for a P-27C, $4,000 for the P-27S, and another $4,000 for the P-312W. More pics after the jump.

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