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TUAW Best of the Week

Cory Bohon

Welcome to the latest installment of TUAW's best of the week, where we gather up our favorite posts for your easy clicking enjoyment. Apparently, there was some phone released this week, but we didn't get the memo on it.

Apple and Rogers falling out?
Apparently Apple is a little mad after the charges Rogers would be putting on the iPhone customers. So what does Apple do? They divert shipments of iPhones. Brilliant! Now all of Canada is mad about not getting a 3G, eh?

Apple, Amazon offer boxed versions of MobileMe
Both Apple and Amazon started selling/shipping boxed version of MobileMe this week. Even though you probably weren't able to use MobileMe until after the 48 hour maintenance was cleared up. However, Amazon is giving MobileMe hopefuls a small discount.

WWDC '08: Charlie Wood (Spanning Sync)
Brett finished up his latest awesome interview video from WWDC. In this video, he talks with Charlie Wood from Spanning Sync about the newest version.

Why you shouldn't buy the iPhone 3G on Friday
In the midst of everyone hurrying to by the latest iPhone, Erica would like to take a moment to share this public service message with you.

Saying "goodbye" to .Mac
This week ushered in the .Mac replacement we had all been waiting for. Too bad we had to wait even longer once the maintenance had started.

Five ways the App Store will change the world
Mike gives us five reasons of how the App Store will change the world. Not mentioned? World domination -- I was always hoping for this one for some reason.

iPod touch 2.0 update now for sale, for real
If you've heard about the iPhone 2.0 firmware and have an iPod touch, chances are you totally wanted it! Well, iPod touch users, your dream has finally come true.

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Get some free tunes.

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