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WoW Moviewatch: The Demise

Moo Money

Few World of Warcraft machinimas stand the test of time. Here Without You is a great example at over three years old, yet still manages to touch us today. The Demise may have just been recently released, but the story is incredibly emotional and will hopefully resonate for years to come. It revolves around a girl who is alone in the world, until she discovers a "portal" to love, happiness, and ultimately, loss. It brought a tear to this blogger's eyes.

I blogged about Olibith's Worldwide Invitational machinima contest-sweeping video, The Bountiful Chest, yesterday. Today, I want to show you the video that should have won. While there's nothing wrong with the winning entry, this one just seems far superior in terms of subject matter and effort. Surgee put a tremendous amount of work into The Demise, yet promised himself that if he didn't win, he would give up. I, for one, think that he should continue!

[Thanks, #machinima on Quakenet IRC!]

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