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A trip to the dentist becomes a treat thanks to the DS


One dentist practice is pioneering a new, better way to handle folks stuck in the waiting room. As seen above, courtesy of flickr user tarabrown, the choice between magazines and some sweet handhelds is available to folks who find themselves waiting on their dentist. No word in the way of what games are available, but this is just an all-around great idea.

Seriously, for how cheap a DS is (or an original GBA, for that matter), we imagine a practice could just snag a copy of Brain Age and Nintendogs and have their waiting room content and at ease while they, uh ... wait. Might help with those few who become pretty irate when forced to park it in the waiting room.

According to Tara, the practice is run by one Dr. Jade Kim and located in Seattle, WA. You can check out the website right here. Apparently, the DS had Mario Kart DS in there. Awesome!

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