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Exclusive first look at Star Wars Galaxies TCG loot cards

Michael Zenke

Here at Massively, you may have noticed we love trading card games set inside MMOs almost as much as we love MMOs themselves. That's why we're really happy to bring you the first in a series of sneak peaks, looking ahead to the release of the Star Wars Galaxies Online TCG: Champions of the Force. Today we've got two loot cards, the special items that unlock in-game fripperies for your enjoyment. They're both items you can use in your character's house; we expect you'll see a lot of housing loot items, as the game's housing system is one of the most robust of any MMO we've played.

The first (pictured right) unlocks the ability to drop a vendor in your house that looks like a Jawa. What might these scavengers of the desert be hawking from your front room? Easy to find out once you've obtained one of these brown-robed miscreants. The other is a simple statue, a bust of the dread Sith lord Count Dooku. The feature text for the bust reads, "A bust of Count Dooku like the one found in the Jedi library. Once a respected member of the Jedi Council, Count Dooku embraced the dark side of the Force and fell from grace. Many remnants of his celebrated years remain and like this bust, can be displayed in your house. "

Check back soon for more Champions of the Force goodness.

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