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Final Fantasy exclusivity clarified at Square Enix conference


The announcement was heard all around the world: Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360? No way! Well, today's Square Enix E3 press conference clarified a few details. First: Final Fantasy XIII is still a PS3-exclusive ... at least in Japan. According to Kotaku, Square Enix exec Shinji Hashimoto told reporters: "I think you are right [in assuming that (the Xbox 360 version) is not coming out in Japan.]" It will only appear on Xbox 360 in English-speaking territories.

In addition, Final Fantasy XIII will release in Japan first -- and then will be localized for the international audience. That means Japanese gamers will enjoy FFXIII on PS3 long before the rest of the world will see it go multiplatform. Hashimoto says that the Xbox 360's large install base in English territories is what led to the decision to make the game multiplatform. Because the decision was recent, there's no way of estimating how many discs the Xbox 360 version will be.

Also, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still in development as a PS3 exclusive.

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