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Lego Batman game should be better than the movies

Phil Larsen

Batman Forever and Batman & Robin (OH SICK! YUCK! GROSS!) were pretty awful. Nay, they were horrendous. However, that isn't actually evidence to suggest the upcoming LEGO Batman game will be bad. In fact, the LEGO series hasn't had one misstep so far, with both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones iterations achieving exactly what they set out to do.

The official LEGO Batman website has been launched, and it immediately causes a stir of excitement. All the cheesy parts of the worst movies that didn't work in a live-action setting should work just fine with LEGO characters, and the site presentation is incredibly engaging. With in-depth character profiles and new videos (check out the awesome campy clip above), you'll want to piece together everything you can in anticipation for LEGO Batman. Piece? LEGOS? Forget it.


[Via press release]

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