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Limited edition red and green Xbox controllers coming Sept. 30 [update]

Kyle Orland

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Want to add a little zing to the plain ol' white and black Xbox 360 color scheme? A Microsoft web page reveals a new limited edition red and black Xbox 360 controller coming on Sept. 30, 2008. The standard wireless controller will come with a matching red rechargeable battery and a play and charge kit for $64.99 (a $5 savings over purchasing them seperately!). We have no idea why Microsoft would reveal a new color so long before the controller is set to be available, but it's release is awfully close to the newly-revealed Gears of War 2 release date of Sept. 9 Nov. 7 [Update: Not sure how I made that ridiculous error. Jet lag, I suppose]. Hmmm ...

[Thanks, Scott]

Update: The Xbox press site also has images from a green version of the controller (shown below the jump along with a higher-res version of the red one). No information about this version, which is not even mentioned in the accompanying press release. [Thanks, jdkay20]

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