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Lucid Logix HYDRA tech brings together any GPUs for powerful matrimony


There's a lot of tech speak to cut through, but if Lucid Logix's claims are true, we might be looking at a revolution in the high-end gaming segment. Lucid is building a new "real-time distributed processing engine" system on a chip called HYDRA, which can mix and match any GPU from any manufacturer and work with any chipset, and piles it all together for performance scaling that Lucid claims is "near-linear" or "above-linear." It's the above-linear part that particularly makes no sense -- how can you squeeze more power out of cards than is there to begin with? -- but we're gonna give Lucid the benefit of the doubt for the moment and wait for the benchmarks. HYDRA is slated to come to market in the first half of 2009.

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