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Source: Halo "Blue" headed to 360 in September


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A trusted source has informed Joystiq that the Wal-Mart internal internet known as "The Wire" contains an entry for a new Halo game entitled Halo "Blue". According to the entry, Halo "Blue" is an M rated shooter and it's set to release on September 30 this year. Of course, we've been hearing plenty of rumors about Bungie projects in the last few days. Halo "Blue" could easily be a part of all that. Will it be the rumored strategy title? Peter Jackson's Halo Project? With the game supposedly coming out this year, it could easily be a repackaged Halo 3 with bonus content -- perhaps all the DLC released thus far.

We al but certain that Bungie will be announcing something during the Microsoft Press Briefing that's only a few hours away. More than likely, we'll know whether or not it's Halo "Blue."

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