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Umihara Kawase becomes Yumi's Odd Odyssey


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Who knew that such a strange, quirky PSP game would move from the realm of "import-only" to a wide American release? That's exactly what's happening as Marvelous brings Umihara Kawase to America as Yumi's Odd Odyssey. The press release explains it all:

"Trapped in a bizarre world filled with spikes, pitfalls, and giant, hostile fish with nothing but her wits and her trusty rubber fishing line, Yumi will have to run, jump, climb, and swing her way to freedom. Yumi's fishing line isn't just handy for fending off fish--it also works like a grappling hook, allowing Yumi to latch onto and swing from just about any part of the environment. The game's advanced physics allow players to pull off remarkable feats of grappling acrobatics and find new, creative ways through the open-ended levels."

Check out Japanese demo to get a (very small) idea of how the game plays.

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